Who is Rodney Atkins Son Elijah Atkins?

  • Parents: Rodney Atkins & Tammy Jo McDonald
  • Siblings: Step sisters Lindsey and Morgan, Half brother Ryder
  • Birthplace: Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Birthday; September 15, 2001

Elijah Atkins was involved in a drunk driving accident in 2018. Rodney had revealed the news to Taste of Country that a “methed-out drunk driver hit” his 16-year-old son Elijah. Just weeks following the accident Elijah returned to school.

Elijah also witnessed his parents Rodney and Tammy Jo have rocky relationship. In 2011 Court records show that Rodney Atkins’ thought-to-be-solid marriage crumbled quickly after his wife had him arrested the morning of Nov. 21 , claiming he had tried to smother her with a pillow after a night-long argument, part of which their then 10-year-old son, Elijah, allegedly witnessed.

Elijah has also welcomed his step mom with open arms. In 2013 his Country star dad Rodney Atkins remarried. Elijah was the best man. Rodney and Rose Falcon married in Florida. It was her first marriage and his second.

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