Shekinah Net Worth in 2019

  • Birthday: May 31, 1984
  • Birthplace: Atlanta Georgia
  • Real Name: Shekinah Jo Anderson
  • Net Worth: $250,000

Shekinah Jo Anderson served as Tiny Tameka Harris’ best friend and hairstylist on six seasons of VH1’s Family Hustle. The show followed the life of rapper T.I. and his family. T.I. sold over 100 million albums and made more than $50 million during his career. The show gave an in depth look at the other side of T.I. as a family man, But it was Shekinah Jo who gained the most from the series.

Shekinah was hairstylist in Atlanta and had built her own clientele prior to television. She’s worked with Monica, Keyshia Cole, Trina, Keyshia Kaoir and many more. Shekinah made most of her money from doing sew ins which helped her open her own salon. She charged more than $200 per sew in. Later she started working exclusively with certain celebrities like Tiny and began traveling with them.

Shekinah Jo Canceled Reality Show

Shekinah initially joined The Family Hustle earning just $5,000 per episode. But her brash personality and sense of humor made her relatable to viewers and added another element to the series. By the final season Shekinah was earning $20,000 per episode. She had even been offered her own reality series by the network. But due to lack of content and production issues the show never saw the light of day. There were 5 episodes filmed and edited. The show centered around Shekinah building a salon in Beverly Hills and showed her meeting with different celebrities for advice and financial partnership in the business. Her celebrity friends and clientele like Marlo Hampton made appearances on the series before it was scraped.

Now on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Shekinah is earning $15,000 per episode.

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