Lil Fizz Post Pic After He and Moniece Slaughter’s Son Kam Wins Tournament

It’s been a whirlwind of negativity between Love and Hip Hop’s Lil Fizz and Moniece Slaughter. Since news broke that Fizz had been seeing Apryl Jones, Omarion’s baby mother, social media has been in an uproar. Apryl and Moniece have gone back and forth on live. Moniece explains she felt betrayed by Fizz since she had no idea he was seeing Apryl and even worse she claimed that Fizz took their son Kamron to Chicago to see Apryl for Christmas. A number of allegations have been revealed from both Fizz and Moniece. It’s even gotten worse since they returned to Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. Their fans have been even more vocal chiming in on the situation.

Fortunately the tension has subsided a bit since Fizz decided to post something positive. Returning to dad duties Fizz post a pic of their son Kamron David Frederic on Instagram following a basketball game. It was a three on three championship and their son’s team won.

  • Birth name: Kamron David Fr√©d√©ric
  • Parents: Moniece Slaughter and Dreux Pierre Fr√©d√©ric
  • Birthday: January 8, 2010
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