Jose Antonio Reyes Wife Noelia Lopez ReyesGets $ 100 Million From Husband’s Death

Following the death of beloved soccer player Jose Antonio Reyes, his wife Noelia Lopez Reyes receives $100 Million from a Life insurance policy according to sources. His net worth was $15 million before his death and his latest contract he was earning $2 Million USD.

Jose Antonio Reyes leaves behind two children. His nine year old son Jose Antonio Reyes junior and his daughter two daughters Noelia and Triana. Noelia got engaged to Jose in 2015 and the couple married in 2017. The couple had been together for 8 years and recently celebrated the anniversary of their first date.

His wife Noelia was born in Sevilla Spain and is only 33 years old.

Reyes died in a fatal traffic accident in his birthplace of Utrera Spain.

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