Akbar V Net Worth in 2019 Birthday, Weight, Kids

  • Birthday: August 22, 1989
  • Real Name: Valerie Raven August
  • Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Children: 5
  • Net Worth: $50,000

Akbar may come off as confrontational and rude on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. But this Goergia Peach has worked hard and struggled almost her whole life just to get to where she’s at now. So it’s no surprise that she’s not going to let her Atlanta co stars underestimate her or diminish her shine on LHHATL.

Akbar V was born Valerie Raven August 22nd 1989. The 29 year old rapper is a native of Atlanta Georgia. It was no surprise that Akbar would choose a career in music since her cousin is Grammy winning, platinum recording artist Kandi Burrus. Despite Kandi’s shot to stardom and becoming a millionaire as a teenager, Akbar was still in the streets struggling to survive.

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Akbar shares her rough childhood and life on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. The mother of 5 children gave up custody of her children to several different relatives. One of her children is the son of rapper Young Thug. There is a viral video of Akbar calling out the Atlanta rapper on Instagram for allegedly missing their son’s birthday party and not even calling his seed to wish him a happy born day. Her oldest is 15 years old. She was a teenager when she gave birth to her oldest.

She revealed in an interview in 2017 that she fell victim to her environment. As a teen she was addicted to prescription medicine Percocets and alcohol. She never met her father until she was in her 20’s and says her mother raised her on her own. But she resented her mother saying that her mom didn’t do anything after she revealed to her that she was molested as a child. Part of the reason her mom did little in response to the revelation was her mom was a drug addict. There was a small period in Akbar’s childhood that her mother was clean. And says it didn’t last long. In 2007 unfortunately her mom passed away.

One of Akbar V’s biggest breaks was being cast on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. With so much fickle drama V’s story is the most real and honest. In the series we see her relationship with cousin Kandi blossom. As Kandi reaches out to her with financial help paying for a year’s lease of an apartment for Akbar. Kandi’s decision to finally step in financially was because of Akbar’s dedication to her music career.

Sources say Akbar being a main cast member has garnered her a $10,000 per episode pay check from production. Hopefully the show’s exposure will allow to Atlanta native to grow her fan base and eventually hit it big.

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