Month: May 2019

Who is Dewayne Craddock? Bio, Wiki, Net Worth

12 people dead and 4 hospitalized after a workplace shooting at a municipal building in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The shooter is 40 year old Dewayne Craddock. He worked as a certified professional engineer in the city of Virginia in the Utilities Department. He is listed as point of contact for information on local road projects.Read More

Akbar V Real Name is Valerie Raven August

Akbar V got her name from her homeboy Shy who is Muslim. The name means Great. A common Arabic phrase is Allahu Akbar which means “God is Greater”. Akbar is not Muslim but considers herself Christian. Please follow and like us:

Scrapp DeLeon Net Worth in 2019

Birthday: March 12, 1988 Birthplace: Woodstock, Georgia Birth Name: Cortez Robinson Children: King Robinson Net Worth: $100,000 Scrapp DeLeon was raised in Atlanta Georgia by his single mother Karen King Crawford. Scrapp began his music career in a rap group with his brothers Da Razkalz Cru. During his short music career he recorded music withRead More

Shekinah Net Worth in 2019

Birthday: May 31, 1984 Birthplace: Atlanta Georgia Real Name: Shekinah Jo Anderson Net Worth: $250,000 Shekinah Jo Anderson served as Tiny Tameka Harris’ best friend and hairstylist on six seasons of VH1’s Family Hustle. The show followed the life of rapper T.I. and his family. T.I. sold over 100 million albums and made more thanRead More

Shekinah Birthday Real Age

Shekinah Jo Anderson of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta was born May 31, 1984. The reality star has made a multitude of her money from reality tv. She orginally appeared alongside her bff and client Tiny Toya Harris on Family Hustle. The series featured Shekinah as Tiny’s hairstylist. She recently celebrated her 35th birthday atRead More

Karlie Redd Birthday Real Age

Karlie Redd of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta finally revealed her true age on the daytime series The Real. The now 45 year old reality star was born April 15, 1974. For years rumors surfaced around her age. The big mystery began when Karlie began saying she was in her early 30s on the firstRead More

Che’ Mack Net Worth in 2019 Age Birthday Boyfriend

Real Name: Michelle Mack Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Birthday: March 9,1984 Boyfriend: Made Man Children: Daughter Chavante Mack Che Mack returned to Love and Hip Hop Atlanta for season 8. This time she’s no longer working on a rap career but her music career as a DJ. The Philly native comes from a strong background. HerRead More

Hiram Hicks Net Worth in 2019 Birthday, Age

Birthday: December 1, 1960 Birthplace: Alpharetta, Georgia Net Worth: $10 Million Wife: Pooh Hicks Despite the messiness his wife Pooh brings to Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Hiram Hicks has been one of the top music label executives over the past 20 years. As former president and CEO of Island Black Music, now known asRead More

Mo Karlie Redd's fiance on his birthday

Mo Maurice Fayne Net Worth Birthday Age

Birthday: March 23, 1983 Birthplace: Little Rock, Arkansas Net Worth: $100,000 Last Summer news broke that Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Karlie Redd got engaged “for real” to Mo aka Arkansas Mo. Born Maurice Fayne in Little Rock Arkansas, Mo proposed to Karlie during the listening party for her single “Ferrari Karlie”. In attendanceRead More

Akbar V Net Worth in 2019 Birthday, Weight, Kids

Akbar V was born Valerie Raven August 22nd 1989. The 29 year old rapper is a native of Atlanta Georgia. It was no surprise that Akbar would choose a career in music since her cousin is Grammy winning, platinum recording artist Kandi Burrus. Despite Kandi’s shot to stardom and becoming a millionaire as a teenager, Akbar was still in the streets struggling to survive